Each year, the G&S Theatre Arts Scholarship awards a scholarship to individuals who qualify for post secondary education and desire to pursue an education or a career in the performing arts. Applications are currently accepted in the categories of theatre arts and voice. 

The G&S Theatre Arts Scholarship Programme was established in 2004 to:

(1) Recognise and promote excellence in the academic and artistic abilities of students in Bermuda
(2) Encourage students to continue the pursuit of their artistic and academic goals as they are essential to the development of a well-rounded education and
(3) Assist students from Bermuda in obtaining a college education.

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The Scholarship will be awarded annually and the normal award will be Bda$5,000 per annum. Successful applicants are not barred from subsequent applications for this Scholarship, but must demonstrate that at least a 3.0 Grade Average or equivalent has been maintained. The applicants must give proof of being enrolled in an undergraduate or post-graduate course in theatre arts or opera. A programme for Design & Production is also eligible.


Applicants must be Bermudian or have sufficient connection with Bermuda to be regarded by the Society, in its discretion, as Bermudian.


The Scholarship will be awarded on the following basis:
(a) Academic achievement.
(b) Involvement in community and public service activities in Bermuda or elsewhere.
(c) Leadership qualities and achievement in non-curricular activities including the arts & theatre
(d) Outline of scholar’s plans to finance his/her education.
(e) Type of programme in which enrolled

Please contact us for more information about application for our Scholarship awards.