Animal Farm

Animal Farm



Written by Peter Hall and adapted from the book by George Orwell

Directed by Matthew McGowan

City Hall
March 23- 25, 2011


Old Major, a prize winning stud boar, gathers the animals of the Manor Farm for a meeting in the big barn. He tells them of a dream he has had in which all animals live together with no human beings to oppress them. Late one night, the animals manage to defeat the farmer, Mr. Jones, in a battle, running him off his land. They rename the property Animal Farm and dedicate themselves to achieving Major’s dream. At first, Animal Farm prospers.

The animals work hard to uphold the seven principles of Animalism, known as the Seven Commandments, which are inscribed on the side of the barn. Sadly, as the play progresses, the rules of animalism are bent and broken by the most powerful, clever and manipulative animals. They work selfishly to gain personal happiness and glory for themselves. As time passes, it seems that some of the animals aren’t as wholesome and caring as they first appeared and begin to copy the selfish ways of humans, plunging Animal Farm into further turmoil and drudgery.

Animal Farm is a story that allows everyone to see the impact humans have had on the animals that we have all come to rely on. It is a bleak look at society and a harsh reminder that we humans can’t do everything alone.

All animals are equal.....but some are more equal than others.